#grabdurian – lousy Grab campaign


Grab, One of our favorite ride sharing apps notify us about #grabdurian is back and we get a free D24 durian using GrabReward points.

From their press release, Grab stat that “Grab is giving Durian lovers a chance to have the delectable D24 Durian delivered right to their doorstep for as low as 1 GrabRewards point for Platinum members and 200 GrabRewards points for any Grab users (Retail Price: RM90 each) on September 9, 2017 from 11am to 7pm only!”

Being a silver member, I successfully redeem the durian reward worth RM90 using 200 points on 11am. I thought I going to enjoy the durian on my beautiful Saturday but it turns up into a lousy campaign by Grab.

I start booking from 11.30 am using the GrabDurian Icon but I keep getting this message. And it seems that this is the agenda for the whole day as the Grab Driver forever seems to be busy. This continued till 5pm and the GrabDurian Icon finally disappear and I accept the fact that I am not the “lucky” one despite I redeem using 200 points. Guess I am not going to get any durian at all after all the anticipation by Grab.

To add salt to the injury, the #durianbersama or #grabdurian notification still popping up whenever I open the Grab apps despite the Durian Icon is missing the tab.

After a quick check on Grab Facebook, Grab inform that the points will be refunded back to the account if the user unable to get the durian.

Complaints flooded the grab Facebook page, seems like I am not the only unlucky one.

While Grab has every right to refund the points and claim ignorance. Grab should be transparent with the campaign. Grab should inform that limited Durians available and first come first serve. update us how many durians left and should not let the user continue wasting their time trying to redeem the durian. Is it because I am only a silver member that I didn’t get my reward? Why waste everyone time keep logging in to your apps when Grab know well that they can’t handle all the request? This is a perfect example of how to piss off your user and curse their brand. Even Airasia have a page dedicated to users to know if there are any cheap ticket left during the promotion period to avoid wasting peoples’ time.

Brands using Grab as a marketing platform should reconsider if this is right apps for their marketing. Pissing off your user is not the way you want people to remember your brand. While there are maybe some happy user, lots more unhappy user cursing the brand for the empty promise.

Grab should just do what they do best, ride sharing. Try to be creative and making your user suffer is not smart. I know well next time not to waste my time participating in Grab “waste your time at your own risk” campaign. For the time being, back to Uber for me to get around Kota Kinabalu.

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